The Office of the Ombudsman was set up by subsection (2) of section 146 of the Sierra Leone Constitution which also provides the functions of the office. Leon Jenkins-Johnston Esq., a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of Sierra Leone is the 4th and current Ombudsman of the Republic. 

The office has the responsibility to investigate the malpractices of:

  •  Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government of Sierra Leone;
  •  Higher Education Institutions; and
  •  Any member of the Public Service or Institutions that are publicly funded in Sierra Leone 

This office receives, investigates, mediate and resolves complaints laid against administrative decisions, malpractices of the public sector, Institutions of higher learning set entirely or partly out of public funds. 

Our role seeks to conduct a professional investigation, to the highest standards, by determining whether an administrative action by a Government Department or Public Institution has been undertaken unfairly. In these functions, we seek to improve public administration for the benefit of all Sierra Leoneans. 

Our functions aim to provide resolutions through the process of mediations, negotiations and compromise rather than pursue prosecution or punishment. 

Rest assured that the independence of the ombudsman is guaranteed by section 19 of the Ombudsman Act (1997). 

Our mission is to improve governance and promote the delivery of public services in the country. Our qualified and professional staff are here to provide efficient support and advice concerning your case. Please browse our website and hope you find the information and resources of great use.

Kanja Ibrahim Sesay

Executive Secretary